Removing Internal Walls for Open Plan Living

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Making Open Plan Living Easy!


Picture Credit by Alicia Taylor

Picture Credit by Alicia Taylor

Removing internal walls for open plan living is the fastest growing trend in home improvements this year

New build properties are designed with open plan layouts to save space, using half the kitchen as a dining space, or combining a lounge-dining room. Older properties built from the Victorian ere through to the 1970s have separate rooms for the kitchen, dining room and lounge, and taking out an internal wall to create your own open plan design is the fastest growing trend in adding value to your property.

Picture credit by Lucas Allen

Picture credit by Lucas Allen

Families prefer to live in larger more open spaces

The open plan style gives many benefits to family life: they are lighter spaces with more windows, you can easily socialise with guests while keeping an eye on supper in the oven, Mothers can keep watch over young children, and with the latest wall mounted TV’s, you can keep up with the News over breakfast.

Removing internal walls

Removing any internal wall may sound simple, but you will need to take advice on the structural load-bearing capacity of the existing wall you are thinking of taking down. Many internal walls are not load-bearing – that is, they are not supporting another wall on the floor above, so removing these is a fairly easy task structurally.

It is not impossible to remove a load-bearing wall, but you will need to have a load-bearing steel lintel installed that will spread the weight of the wall above, onto the side walls at either end.

There are a few other considerations before you decide to do a job like this yourself, such as; how will you join the two different floorings, are there any electrics to move, central heating radiators and pipes to be removed and reinstalled, plastering the new ceiling and newly joined internal walls, decorating the finished space, and the BIGGEST issue of all, is safely removing the rubble from the old wall.

Quorn Construction can do it all for you

As experienced house builders, based in Hathern LE12, on the outskirts of Loughborough, we can do everything for you quickly and easily, from start to finish, leaving you just to decide where to put the furniture afterwards.

We have removed many internal walls recently in the Loughborough area, so we can give you plenty of advice about the options available to you in your property.

Why not give us a call on Phone: 01509 821 513, by Email:  or visit our Website:

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