Top 5 Home Improvement Renovations

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Here are the Top 5 Home Improvement Renovations that will increase the value of your home: Loft Conversion, Replacing the Kitchen, Replacing the Bathroom, Removing walls for open-plan living and Converting the Garage.

Renovations Explained

A Renovation is not just an old house completely gutted and remodeled. A renovation is any home improvement where specific elements inside a building are modernised to reach a current standard, while adding to its function, form and aesthetic beauty.

Renovation is also a form of remodeling and adaptation in order to reuse an area of a property. For example; turning an old basement into a self-contained guest flat, or the airing cupboard into a wardrobe.

As an experienced Builder in Loughborough in the East Midlands, here are the 5 Top Renovations that we get asked to deliver time after time, that will improve your standard of living, achieve the current Building Regulation approvals, and add to the beauty and value of your home.

Loft Conversion.

Making all or part of your loft space into a usable room, study, guest room or granny flat. Adding a beautiful new staircase adds much more value than a loft ladder, and easier to install furniture. Larger loft spaces can be remodeled into a self contained apartment and then rented out as a tax-free income. Every family home is allowed to rent to one occupant, tax free.

Replacing the Kitchen.

Bringing a kitchen up to date makes a huge difference if you decide to sell up. A beautiful and modern kitchen can set your property at the top of its value ceiling, and make sure that you get offered the full asking price.

Replacing the Bathroom.

Changing that old 70’s or 80’s avocado or peach bathroom suite, for a new and modern white spa bath, self-contained shower cubicle and a wet room floor is a real winner and easy to achieve.

Taking out walls

Modern open-plan living  requires remodeling the internal living space of an older property. The Georgian and Victorian houses in Leicester and Loughborough are perfect for this type of renovation

Converting the Garage

Giving you an new internal room for a guest room, granny flat, home-gym or home-office are the most popular choices, closely followed by a teenage bedroom and study area and a home cinema or TV and Games room.


Quorn Construction are experienced in all these home improvements and can sort out all the Building Regulations for you as part of the project, leaving you just to choose the carpet and paint colours!


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